lawn fertilization services

Lawn fertilization services

While soil can provide some nutrients that lawns need in order to grow, most need the help of fertilizer to reach their maximum potential. The lawn care experts at Oasis Property Maintenance are here to help your yard look its best all year long. Oasis Property Maintenance uses high quality products and cutting-edge methods to ensure a lush, healthy lawn. The professionals at Oasis Property Maintenance are highly skilled in the nutrient needs of all types of grasses and can create the perfect plan for fertilizing your lawn.

WHY SHOULD I fertilize my yard?

Professional fertilization provides many benefits to the overall look and health of your lawn. Fertilizer provides essential nutrients such as nitrogen to plants to help them grow. Lawns that are regularly fertilized are proven to be thicker, greener, and more resilient to daily use such as walking and playing. Healthier lawns also have less bald spots and are more resistant to drought and pests. Oasis Property Maintenance lawn fertilization services can help your yard become healthier and more beautiful.

what kind of fertilizer is right for my yard?

The choices of fertilizers can be overwhelming, but the specialists at Oasis Property Maintenance make sure we use the perfect product for your yard’s needs. Fertilizers come in liquid and in granular applications. Granular fertilizer offers a slower, more continuous flow of fertilizer to the plants, where liquids are designed to be absorbed and used more quickly by the grass. We use both types of fertilizers throughout the year based on the needs of the grass. All fertilizers include three main ingredients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The experts at Oasis Property Maintenance will analyze your lawn and offer the best solution and schedule for your goals.

WHEn is the best time to apply fertilizer?

Fertilizing your grass at the correct times of the year is very important. Although the best times can vary depending on the type of grass and soil, most grass should be fertilized at several times throughout the year. During seasons of high-growth your lawn will need the right food to help it grow! Oasis Property Maintenance fertilization services can help your lawn stay healthy in every season!

lawn fertilization services

Oasis Property Maintenance can apply fertilization to lawns of all shapes and sizes. Let our team of lawn fertilization experts evaluate your yard and guide you in creating a custom fertilization plan that will make your lawn the best on the block. We proudly service the Northwest Arkansas area. Call us at (479) 616-1372 or click here to get a fast, free quote.

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